More than just a "Club"!
We help you with all facets of ownership so your buggy experience is the best it can be!

We need your help

A brief HISTORY.........
First, before we get into the type of help we're looking for, we think an explanation on what we're all about, is in order.

Back at the end of 2005 / start of 2006, having a new 250 off road go kart in the family and no 1st hand experience on them at all, we saw an obvious need for support and since we had started from the bottom and worked our way up, in an effort to help ease other folks into the world of off road go karts a little cheaper / less frustrating, than it was for us, we decided to build a group that would give thousands of members access to ideas and help at one time, in one place.
To that end, the Not for Profit, MBRAONLINE was born.
In truth, this idea hasn't panned out like we were hoping yet but we're still building and running this organization to this day and are constantly growing and learning in the process.
What the future holds for the MBRA, who knows but we will always be here to breath life back into it when the masses come around. :-)

When we first started, it made sense to get sponsoring dealers involved to help us in forming a community but no one could see the forest through the trees and the few that said they did, were only out to make a buck off what we had already done so far and they just weren't adding anything to the cause.
Not the mentality we were going for and without the support of dealers or manufacturers, this was gong to be a tough road.

Almost 2 years and many frustrating phone calls and conversations with distributors and manufacturers later, Tom went "All in" and sold his previous business and started KNM PERFORMANCE to supply our groups with the trusted go karts, parts, tips and tricks we had been using for the past several years.
Since we had already designed a couple performance parts in our shop and were still having no luck getting the help and parts we needed, it just made sense to roll these two entities together, especially if the MBRA was planing on being the "authority" on this subject, we should know all facets of the sport.
By April of 2007, we opened the doors to our first full service shop in Maryland and the rest is history.

Now, in 2014, many things have changed since the "old days" in our shop but our original mission is still the same.
Help those in need without having a "sale first" mentality! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" -
KNM believes, "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the "one". (Spock -Star trek the movie).

We truly care and will help anyone, regardless of if you're buying parts from us or not.
If you find this hard to believe, Call 717-825-0669 between 9am and 5pm Est and ask for our owner Tom Stevens. He's never too busy and would be glad to talk to you. After 10 minutes with him, you'll be a believer too!


We have the portal (KNM Garage) and thousands of happy customers but we are still not where we should be by now (As a group).
This is in part because there is a TON of information out there on so many different vehicles and the fact that the MBRA and KNM does not advertise, anywhere, for any amount.
We hate "in your face" media, advertising tricks, product embellishments and the whole gambit of garbage you have to wade through to find the truth and we really don't want to be a part of that.
Advertising may be good for getting new business but our products and actions should drive our business, not how much money we spend on advertising, which ultimately gets passed back on to the customer anyway!
This is where KNM, the MBRA and all of its members, can have a larger impact if we are all working towards the same goal.
The proof is in the pudding as it were. Let's show folks how this stuff is done.

Simply put,

We need more DIY videos. We can't do every machine, every issue because we simply do not have every model and issue here and just don't have the time required. We do have a lot now but can always use more! We help many of you get your rides running again through our tech support line so put a camera on it and show us how you did it! You can send us raw video clips and we can edit them into a short movie for you or you can upload your own video. We even have a "How to guide" on how to film a video! (Ask for the download if you need it!)
We'll take almost anything you want to do. We'll find some place for it! When others SEE how it's done, it makes more sense to them and therefor is more helpful. Don't be afraid, we can make you look like a rock star if you want! :-)


Many of you have found us through our DIY videos on YouTube and that's where most of our customers first find us.
We need more folks spreading the word and posting links to our helpful videos, our sites and our parts. Social networking such as Facebook and YouTube are free and if you believe in us and our parts, let others know! (If you don't believe, let US know, and we'll do our best to change your mind!)

We could use some short video testimonials from those of you who have installed KNM Performance parts or even if we just helped you figure out a problem because no matter what WE say about us and our parts, folks will believe YOU over us, any day.
Email testimonials are great and we hear from most of you that way but some assume these are fake emails. (What are you going to do?)

We know you love our parts and we know you're getting great results. Now, we need you to spread the word and let others know it!
let us know which roller sets you're using in your DR2 and which spring sets you have in your particular style machine. Our parts work on many models of Scooters, ATV's and Go karts and others have the exact machine you do but we probably don't. They sure could use some real advice on what works and what doesn't for their particular machine!

Although we spend several hundred hours a year in live tech support, we never charge for it and those associated costs never get rolled into our pricing!
We consider that our labor of love and the cost of doing business the way we do and we realize it's still not enough but there's only so much we can do, alone.

We promise to only offer the "smartest options" when it comes to upgrading while repairing something because we ride ourselves and we hear from all of you as well about what works and what doesn't. During this process, we learn from all of you as much as we teach and all that info makes it into our phone help and ultimately, onto the KNM Garage site for all to benefit from!

The more help we can get from folks like yourself, the easier it is on us and allows us to continue to offer more than we can alone.
Our conversations with some of you have inspired a few of our performance parts and have at the least, helped hundreds of others who were having the same problem you were! How cool is that?

If you like our story and think you can help, PLEASE call us at 717-825-0669 (9am-5pm M-F EST) or visit KNM or our store at and click the "Contact us" button us and let's talk. It's easy, we'll help you in any way we can and it goes for a great cause. EVERYONE!

Thank you for your support!