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The Mini-Buggy Riding Association was founded for the sole purpose of promoting these off road buggies as a safer alternative to the ATV and to advance the sport of Family off road riding!

Please read about our group below and if you think the MBRA is for you,
we can give you more detailed info on how to start and run your own group, build a track, start a rental business, start a dealership, find riding places, change the riding laws in your state and so much more!

If you're willing to put in the time and dedication for a great group, so are we!
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What benefits are there in joining the MBRA?

1) We are the only LEGAL, non profit buggy organization in the world.(Since 2008) So what happens here, counts!
2) We not only have extensive backgrounds in the buggy world but have also pioneered many industry standards so we know what works and what doesn't.
3) No one has matched our passion or longevity in this sport or has organized as many rallies across the country as we have so we know how to run a successful weekend and Club.
The MBRA has everything you need to easily run your own local group from start to finish line!
Our Direction.
Our original goal in 2006, was to simply form a buggy club in our local area so we had other folks to ride with. After doing some research, we found that there were people all over the world that felt the same way!
Since no one else had gotten past the "Idea stage", we decided that we would organize a couple local groups that were supported by a real non profit organization.

In 2008, we formed MBRAonline then, we built this supporting web site.

We next tried soliciting other dealers who could supply parts and knowledge to their local groups all across the country so we could ensure that the sport stayed healthy by supporting the complete circle of "supply & demand".
The dealers can educate their local members, help with advice, parts and guidance and in return, they get customer loyalty and a better understanding of how their particular markets work. It's a win/win situation.

Great idea we thought but surprisingly, not many takers, I guess because it requires a lot of work that you don't get immediate dividends from. In the beginning, you will be taken advantage of. Folks will take your advice and buy their parts elsewhere but if you keep steady, prove your worth and trust-ability, that will change. It's something you need to "build" and at the moment, there's just not enough of us that have the passion to see the forest through the trees so for now,
We're still waiting for more dealers who do this because they love the sport and not because they think they can make a ton of money.

We can't let a nickle hold up a dollar so, we decided to put KNM performance into that role for now and we have moved on

With our goal of promoting "a safer alternative to the ATV", it was vital that we operated as a group, under the same guidelines, regardless of where in the country we were and, do it in a safe manner.
We then wrote the MBRA Rule Book" to accomplish this. The MBRA buggy book covers all aspects of running a buggy group, from what officers and experience levels are needed to trail / track evaluation / creation and racing point systems. There is a lot of information and can be a little daunting to just the casual rider. This is why we feel that having a dealer be the lead officer is a good idea. He / She can learn what is needed then teach it to others in their group. It also allows dealers to operate safely and methodically towards a better group and a better business.

In our opinion, this is what is needed to promote and grow this sport, the right way:

1) We need to keep costs of ownership down by keeping events taylored to things that won't inherantly break your buggy or require modifications right away. A new member with a new buggy should be able to jump right into the mix from day one.
        -We created the "MBRA Buggy Games" that are challanging to do and even more fun to watch and the best part is, anyone can participate and be competitive at their first event!!

2) We need buggy and parts dealers to get involved in our groups by offering help and advice to members.
Any dealer at an event, should be a "wealth of information" first, and a Buggy/parts supplier second.
"In your face" sales is unacceptable. If you help others, folks will come to you and is the only acceptable form of advertising allowed in the MBRA, word of mouth.
Dealers should not be allowed to enter competitions that involve the general public. If a dealer wants to compete, he can only do so only against other dealers. A dealer racing an MBRA member is not fair because many memebrs won't have access to the parts a dealer can and also open up the possibility of "in fights" about who's parts are best and can quickly gather up unsuspecting members into the fray.
The MBRA is about the members and not "Dealers"!

3) If you form a group under the MBRA, we need documentation of each member, their buggy model, upgrades done and have regular reports on any accidents or injuries incurred during any event. This is the ONLY WAY, the Mini Buggy can be considered its own entity by your state and Insurance companies, instead of being grouped with ATV's, which is far more expensive to get insurance for.
We have gone as high as the federal level and know that we will need 2 years of repots from a sanctioned, legal, non profit entity. The MBRA is that entity.
If we can do this, we can secure a 2 milllion $policy that covers any land owners that allow us to ride on their land.
       -At this time, this information can only come from registered MBRA groups following the instructions laid out in our guidebook.

4) We don't want to control your group or what you do, we just need to be sure we are all running safely at all times. We're not saying everyone has to "hold hands" but we need to be "Smart" about what we do and where. This will build up a portfolio of safety records that we will use to change YOUR State / Federal laws and help us provide an innexpensive insurance package for all buggies & riders as well as for the landowner where we ride.
        -The "MBRA Rule book" and "Running your own Rally" guide, cover about everything you need to know to have a safe, fun family orientated event and riding group.

5) When we DO "race", it must be restricted to hill climbs, drag racing and timed rally courses, to minimize any wheel to wheel / Bumper to bumper contact.
        -MBRA races and Comps are just as fun and exciting as wheel to wheel, without causing the need for aggressive behavior or expensive upgrades and more importantly, they fall under "Acceptable competition" to Insurance companies.

6) When competing or forming comp groups, you need to use a point system that matches a drivers ability and age with Horsepower and/or modifications allowed. This promotes a safer driver and safer events but also keeps the competitions fun because they don't require you to go above your means in either ability or budget.
         -It's all in the MBRA "Guide Book"!

We felt that if we intended this to be a family vehicle and sport for the masses and not just the few, we couldn't start with racing as the main theme.
While racing us fun, it is intimidating to some folks, especially a new member.
Most of our families simply enjoy trail riding without the stress of competing or the costs associated with that.
Having said this, a little competition can go a long way in keeping a group or rally interesting however, moderation is the key.
As a group grows, there will be a better ability to separate into "racing" and "trail riders", without quickly dissolving a small group by alienating the few.

In 2008, after careful consideration and a lawsuit threat, we decided to change our methods.
We can't afford to be financially or morally responsible if folks don't follow the rules and since we can't be everywhere at the same time to ensure it is being done right , we've decided to simply put the information out there as "Guidelines" and not "Rules" If you see the value in the MBRA guide book, you'll use it, if not, don't sue us because someone got their feelings hurt or even worse, injured! Remember, we are trying to expand this sport in a positive way.

Our 53 page Rule Book is now a 52 page "Guide" book.
It took us over 6 months to write this book because it is taylored specifically to our mini buggies and a buggy group's mentality that includes the dynamic changes that result when you include racing and competitions.
Nothing in it was written lightly or without carefull consideration and hours of collaboration and testing. We know it works because we've been there and done that. It is a culmination of years of experience in the field.

If you agree with this concept and agree to follow the rules to the letter, not only would we
love to have your support but you'll find your group or Rally will be rewarding and everyone involved will be happy, wealthy and wise!

 If this all makes sense to you, call for your Digital copy of the MBRA Guidebook and let's get started!

-Tom Stevens-